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YM Cargo – Moscow, Russia

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YM Cargo – Moscow, Russia




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GFP Contact : Gene Minitser
Email :
Phone: +1.818.850.7749
Skype ID: gene.minitser
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Wechat:: +1.818.687.8705

Julia Ukhlova – General Manager, logistics, sales

Elena Ivankova – Customer service, sales


Pyatnitskoe shosse, 54/1
Suite 204-3
Moscow, Russia


About Us

Based in Russia since 1998, part of the “YM Global Cargo”, a reliable partner for the delivery of any goods, at any distance, anywhere in the world. Our work is based on an individual approach to customers.

Welcome to YM Cargo!

Оur company:

– offers our customers competitive methods to improve logistics solutions for cargo delivery, transporting their products to the markets faster and more efficiently;

– provides a full service for searching (we can find a product for you according to your description and sample), purchasing in the USA, Europe, China and fast delivery of consolidated cargoes and entire containers to, or from Russia;

– has partners and agents in the USA, China, Europe and has the ability to organize the delivery of purchased goods “from the door” of shippers from almost anywhere in the world to the warehouses of our representative offices and further across Russia.

Our areas of service:

> Road transportation;
> Air freight;
> Sea freight;
> Cargo consolidation;
> Multimodal transportation;
> Logistics;
> Customs clearance;
> Cargo insurance;
> Consulting;
> Certification;
> Marketing;
> Search and purchase of commercial goods;

The provision of export-import services.

We will find a mutually beneficial solution for any of your requests.

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GFP AGM 2022 - Istanbul

After 15 years, the GFP has become slightly different based on our experience within the Logistics Sector. Many networks offer attractive memberships to members – the GFP however we see the network as something completely different.

15 YEARS of Great Partnership.

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