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Mert Trans Int’l Freight & Forwarding Co. Ltd

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Mert Trans Int’l Freight & Forwarding Co. Ltd








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Mr Ercan Alisir – Director
Email :
H/P : +90.5322743904
H/P : +90.5322657135



Tel : +90.212.2132975 | Fax: +90.212.2132977


About Us

MertTrans International has established in 1993 to provide Full Freight and Distribution Services Worldwide

MertTrans’ key Executives immediately set up agencies all over the world and at the same time established facilities across Turkey. This marked the beginning of our Global Network.

Our strategic location makes us an unique transportation company that serves the Far-East, Middle East, Europe and USA Latin America, Australia, Africa. Since our establishment in 1993, by we have handled transportation of various goods from all over Turkey to and from the above mentioned and many other countries in the world.

In the following years we have expanded our WorldWide operations . Since 1993. We continue to grow fast. This web page is a part of our expansion in order to serve you better. Our historical and cultural link to the countries in this part of the world gives us a clear advantage over the other transportation companies.

Our experience in dealing with different countries makes us one of the most preferred transportation companies in Turkey. We have served and continue to serve group of multinational clientele.

As well as land transportation, our network of domestic and international contacts gives us the capability to act as a third party carrier for your cargo. MertTrans International has more than 7 years of experience in the land transportation and international trade. In addition to the transportation of all types of cargo, we have also been awarded with many project shipments. Most of these shipments were in the form of heavy machinery.


We are an International Freight Forwarder, specializing in serving Far-East, Middle East, Europe, USA, Australia, Latin America and Africa markets. Within this niche market, MertTrans has the ability to warehouse, pick and pack, provide inventory management, ship by order number or quantity as specialized by our client. More importantly, MertTrans offers expertise in Airfreight and Seafreight into this region, providing the following beneficial advantages.

a) Knowledge and Expertise
b) Regular Schedules
c) Competitive Pricing
d) Personalized Quality Service

Through its specialization, and volume commitment of freight to Far-East, Middle East, Europe, USA, Australia, Latin America and Africa along with its many years of service in these markets, MertTrans is proud to be amongst the most competitive and effective Freight Forwarder to this region.

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15 YEARS of Great Partnership.

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