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Global Forwarding Partners

GFP Annual General Meeting

GFP Members meet, discuss and debate on common topics proactively.

      • Key to each of the annual meetings is the one-to-one meetings.
      • GFP Members can consolidate existing business relationships and network with other members in an exclusive business environment.
      • The group can discuss local and regional challenges, opportunities and mutually exclusive activities in a relaxed but productive business environment.

Global Forwarding Partners

GFP AGM Main Benefits.

Engage with an active and supportive network.

  • Each GFP member is vigorously screened for financial strength and responsibility, professional integrity and reputation in the shipping community.
  • Hands-on expertise in the provision of effective and efficient services is delivered by all GFP members.

Save time and money all in one place.

  • GFP membership provides listing on website.
  • The GFP website is listed high in rankings on Google search platform.
  • This in-return provides extensive exposure and credibility to the GFP members.

Grow and expand your business opportunities..

    • Our relationships are supported by a supply chain of socially responsible, ethical companies committed to treating their employees with respect and dignity.
    • Great team cohesion, dedication and commitment by all is delivered by all GFP members.

Meet and learn from experienced partners.

  • Our Distinctive Standards are continuously raised through Technical Innovation, tailor-made to meet with the evolving requirements.
  • Also improvements are constantly done to the fullest satisfaction of customers’ existing demands and future expectations.

Increase your business reputation and credibility.

  • Direct EDI Interface amongst all members enabling Speedy Import Clearance and the Export Recording with the capability through its own Software Development to access & clear shipments.
  • This is done on a real time basis from any of GFP stations.

Develop a range of business possibilities

  • All members’ performances are strictly monitored & controlled to maintain consistent high standard.
  • Furthermore, all non-conformances’ are monitored, reported & acted upon to prevent recurrences. Conduct Regular Audits on Members Performance with its Customers.


GFP AGM 2024 - Bangkok, Thailand

After 15 years, the GFP has become slightly different based on our experience within the Logistics Sector. Many networks offer attractive memberships to members – the GFP however we see the network as something completely different.


Contact Us To Discuss On How We Can Become Partners.

GFP represents 90 Partners with over 220 branch offices WORLDWIDE. The 90 privately owned companies are carefully selected through recommendation and through ongoing relationships within the Freight forwarding Industry.

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