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GFP AGM UPDATE – 13th August 2021

Dear GFP Partners & Friends,

It is with huge regret that the continued restrictions and impact of COVID-19 we are unable to host what would have been GFP AGM 17 in Shenzhen.

The disruption within the industry, to each economy, restrictions with travel and of course the safety of all our members/guests, we have had to re-schedule planning for October 2022

We have also reviewed and taken examples of Virtual Meetings. Whilst the idea behind a virtual meeting would be a replacement, example networks show turnout has been generally low. Costs remain expensive and as the GFP we do not feel a Virtual Meeting would come anywhere close to the real feeling of our AGM. Of course members should be encouraged to interact with each other on their own time zones and when the opportunity arises, certainly new members can seek our assistance should any introductions be needed!

Whilst this news may be disappointing, as I write, the network continues to thrive, it’s with this intention that with immediate effect, GFP Membership for 2021 will be suspended. There will be no membership invoices issued for August 21 till June 22. Those members who require a certificate/membership pack will need to email and one will be provided.

This doesn’t mean that the network is cash rich. We maintain a non profitable network and have several costs that we have managed to hold/reduce. We are happy that the GFP will be strong enough to withstand almost a year without income. Of course any member wishing to pay a fee or donate can also contact us as we do continue to support our charity and maintain a part time secretary.

I trust this is welcome news in some way despite the cancellation of yet another meeting. Let us remind each other of the huge difference between the GFP and other networks who continue to collect their fees despite the global pandemic impact.

We are proud to maintain our caring and sharing belief!

We will all meet at our next AGM in 2022, a bit older and wiser but certainly stronger and enjoy good times together!

Stay safe, Stay tuned and I hope for a positive end of year for all members!

Kind regards

Richard Littlefield on behalf of the GFP Chairman,
Committee & Administration


DD 0208 831 8924
MOB 07894107734



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