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Global Forwarding Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

GFP Common Questions Answered.

What Is GFP?

  • The GFP is a world-wide network of independent freight forwarders and logistics specialists.
  • The GFP acts as a Platform and Forum for those Partners seeking business relationships overseas to act as an extension arm to their own business.
  • Our AGM allows those GFP Partners to assemble annually, under one roof, reducing travel time and costs -to hold a series of One to One meetings to Foster Cohesion and Dedication to one another.

Why Choose GFP ?
  • It is for a stronger global Representation (Strategic Alliances).
  • The basic concepts are; Legal & Liability Regime for Multimodalism and MTO B/L & AWB Contract of Carriage. It is also for common identity and better bargaining power.
  • Limiting Liability thru Group Insurance is also one of the main reason for choosing GFP.
Whats the process of becoming a member?
  • The process is fairly simple. Once we receive your application, we will review it and check your references and the committee will vote on acceptance. This process should take 2 weeks on average.
  • If approved, we will send you some profile forms to fill out for each of your offices, along with an invoice for the membership dues.
  • Memberships run on a calendar-year basis. Any member joining after QI will have their dues prorated accordingly.
  • Once dues have been paid, we will announce your membership to the group and post your office profiles in the online member directory.
Are you still looking for members?
  • We are always looking for quality forwarders to fill our open markets.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member and you are a high caliber forwarder in your country, please contact us.
How much does it cost ?
  • The GFP operates as a NON PROFITABLE COMPANY.
  • The annual fee is set to cover our basic Adminstration costs, Association Costs, Secretary Fees and Operating Costs.
  • Each year, after AUDIT, our Balance Sheet and Financial Status is available for our Partners to review. Membership Fee is reviewed every 3 years and our GFP Partners have a vote for any changes to the Annual Fee.
  • It also covers the Website Administration and the GFP Partners exclusive access to news, finance, network benefits and web letter.
  • In terms of Network Costs, we feel that the LOW COST is levied at a fee affordable for our partners along with being incredible value for money!

Global Forwarding Partners

Want A Stronger Global Representation?

After 15 years, the GFP has become slightly different based on our experience within the Logistics Sector. Many networks offer attractive memberships to members – the GFP however we see the network as something completely different.

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