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Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS)

FDRS Maintains Industry Standard Warning List Of Delinquent Debtors.

Collecting Monies

FDRS is dedicated to assisting all companies of the forwarder/freight community in collecting monies due to them.

FDRS recovers large amounts of monies

FDRS recovers large amounts of monies for clients every year. Contact FDRS to find out more about how this can be done.

Warning list published by FDRS

FDRS maintains the most comprehensive, industry standard warning list of “Delinquent Forwarders” which is highlighted in the monthly newsletter that is broadcasted to approx. 68,000 freight forwarders and Logistic Networks worldwide, warning them of payment risk.

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS)

Search for Delinquent Forwarders Worldwide Through FDRS Website.

You will be able to use the tools provided by FDRS website to search for delinquent forwarders worldwide …

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