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Global Forwarding Partners

Why Choose GFP ? Here are the Benefits.

Highly Efficient Services.

  • Each GFP member is vigorously screened for financial strength and responsibility, professional integrity and reputation in the shipping community.
  • Hands-on expertise in the provision of effective and efficient services is delivered by all GFP members.

Greater Online Presence.

  • GFP membership provides listing on website.
  • The GFP website is listed high in rankings on Google search platform.
  • This in-return provides extensive exposure and credibility to the GFP members.

Environmentally Friendly.

    • Our relationships are supported by a supply chain of socially responsible, ethical companies committed to treating their employees with respect and dignity.
    • Great team cohesion, dedication and commitment by all is delivered by all GFP members.


GFP Represents Over
220 Branch Offices


GFP Members Provide Extensive Range of Services.

Value-Added Services

  • Our Distinctive Standards are continuously raised through Technical Innovation, tailor-made to meet with the evolving requirements.
  • Also improvements are constantly done to the fullest satisfaction of customers’ existing demands and future expectations.

Speed With Efficiency

  • Direct EDI Interface amongst all members enabling Speedy Import Clearance and the Export Recording with the capability through its own Software Development to access & clear shipments.
  • This is done on a real time basis from any of GFP stations.

Maintaining Standards

  • All members’ performances are strictly monitored & controlled to maintain consistent high standard.
  • Furthermore, all non-conformances’ are monitored, reported & acted upon to prevent recurrences. Conduct Regular Audits on Members Performance with its Customers.

Global Forwarding Partners

We Believe That Long-Term Relationships Are Essential.

Global Forwarding Partners

Additional GFP Benefits.

Yes, There Are More Benefits!

  • Service With Security
  • MNC Tender Biddings’ Participation
  • Advertisement in Global Magazines
  • Reducing Traveling Time and Costs
  • Common Information Webpage (CIW)
  • System Management Software
  • On-Line Booking
  • Enhanced Market promotion
  • Inter-Member Communication
  • Service Contract Rates with Major Carriers
  • Members’ Code of Conduct (SOP)

Global Forwarding Partners

Want A Stronger Global Representation?

After 15 years, the GFP has become slightly different based on our experience within the Logistics Sector. Many networks offer attractive memberships to members – the GFP however we see the network as something completely different.

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