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GFP represents 90 Partners with over 220 branch offices WORLDWIDE.

The 90 privately owned companies are carefully selected through recommendation and through ongoing relationships withing the Freight Forwarding Industry (as well as Internet Inquiries )

The GFP acts as a Platform and Forum for those Partners seeking business relationships overseas to act as an extension arm to their own business.

Our AGM allows those GFP Partners to assemble annually, under one roof, reducing travel time and costs -to hold a series of One to One meetings to Foster Cohesion and Dedication to one another.



Freight Forwarding or LOGISTICS (as its is more commonly known) is one of the world’s ever increasing Service Providers.

Our GFP Partners are carefully selected based on criteria not only to cover the vast range of Logistics Services that are expected but also to ensure they conform to the highest standard and conform to their own countries governing body within the Logistics Sector.

A whole range of services to include the traditional AIR and SEA transportation are provided by our Partners.



There are many International Networks all of different standards and merits.

After 15 years, the GFP has become slightly different based on our experience within the Logistics Sector. Many networks offer attractive memberships to members – the GFP however see the network as something completely different. Our members are not here for a simple Membership – they want a PARTNERSHIP and the GFP is able to deliver this.

We encourage PARTNERSHIPS through exchange of ideas, in keep with the economy along with changes to the Industry, besides encouraging business contribution especially during the One to One Meetings held at our AGM.

What is GFP ?

The GFP is a world-wide network of independent freight forwarders and logistics specialists.

Since 2005 we have become through expansion and recognition to be one of the reliable international logistics service providers to international freight forwarders and their clients.

Corporate office based in Seychelles with regional offices in Asia, USA, Australia, Middle East, India and Europe.


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The GFP has one single objective, to provide cost effective logistics services through our partners to the freight forwarding industry. We strive to hold a leading position in the select markets in which we operate.

Long Term Stability

Through financial investment, dedication and commitment from our members and the expanding partner associations, the GFP has become a worldwide service provider for current and future business.

Our Commitment

GFP, the care & sharing network delivers commitment through honesty and respect to its members and clients. We expand your reputation throughout freight forwarding industry.


Through recommendation, application and dedication, each partner is selected through application after demonstrating a high industry standard and consistency in their own respective country, backed by IATA, FIATA and local associations.

Highest quality

We make sure everything we do honors our partner – from our commitment to the highest quality of services in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

The Future

GFP is committed through its members to improved service quality, innovation, training, technology and team work. We also strive to become the industry leader in the digital realm.

Why Choose GFP ?

It is for a stronger global Representation (Strategic Alliances).

The basic concepts are;

Legal & Liability Regime for Multimodalism and MTO B/L & AWB Contract of Carriage. It is also for common identity and better bargaining power.

Limiting Liability thru Group Insurance is also one of the main reason for choosing GFP.

Secured Payment | Service With Security

International Exposure through GFP website

Tender Biddings' Participation

Advertisement in Global Magazines

Group Liability Insurance

Foster Greater Dedication & Cohesion

Reducing Traveling Time and Costs

Common Information Webpage (CIW)

Service Contract Rates with Major Carriers


We are incredibly proud of our network, the quality of our partners, the vast range of services we as a group offer and how we see ourselves as one of the smaller but stronger Global Forwarding Networks.

With our Partners experience, we are able to deliver all kinds of services at the highest standard whilst understanding one another requirements whilst respecting and protecting our own identities.

Our Partners ongoing support and commit to the network has past 15 years and it is with that I can see that we are a Partnership Network that cares and shares rather than a simple Membership Network.

The GFP is a non profit organisation offering low cost Membership, providing an Independent Freight Forwarder with an International Family & Association, thus an extension arm to their own companies.

We are always and will remain committed to grow the network and encourage new members to contact us

Farrukh Iqbal,
Acting Chief of Commission


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